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Grande Cosmetics has launched three hair products, under the name GrandeHAIR: a shampoo, conditioner and rejuvenation serum.

The GrandeHAIR system, which includes a Peptide Shampoo and Conditioner, helps restore thicker hair on a cellular level:

  • GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo - This professional strength shampoo works directly at the root to boost hair follicle health and thickness at the cellular level. Infused with Hextapeptide-11, GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo exfoliates the scalp and clears hair follicles of dead skin to allow room for stronger, healthier looking hair.

  • GrandeHAIR Peptide Conditioner - This professional conditioner is infused with a nourishing cocktail of nutritive extracts and antioxidants that hydrates hair which protects strands from breakage. Like the GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo, the GrandeHAIR Peptide Conditioner contains Hextapeptide-11, which enhances microcirculation of the scalp and improves epidermal regeneration.

Pump up the volume, starting with the root for fuller, thicker hair with the GrandeHAIR Rejuvenation Serum. This  elixir is a physician-formulated, professional-strength serum that helps restore the appearance of healthy, thicker hair. Formulated with a unique blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids, the serum revives dormant follicles, strengthens weakened hair and naturally thickens existing hair without using minoxidil.

To use: Have clients apply the serum once nightly on a clean, dry scalp. First, part the hair to expose the root in areas needing improvement. Then apply three to four drops directly to the scalp, moving back over the areas needing improvement. Lightly massage the serum into the scalp and allow to dry.

XFusion Color Keratin Hair Fibers

XFusion Before and After photo.

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What it is:::

Buildup on hair can block beautiful colour from shining through. Vinegar Hair Rinse is the hair rinse product your dry and dull color-treated hair has been looking for. The purifying and protecting formula smooths hair and adds shine. Apple Cider Vinegar removes impurities and creates radiant shine while Cactus Pear Flower Extract intensely hydrates without drying hair.

What it does:::

Vinegar Hair Rinse created with apple cider vinegar and cactus pear flower extract for dry and dull color-treated hair. From color-treatment to environmental factors, we put our hair through a lot and word is spreading that vinegar rinses are must-have hair product for soft, shiny, healthy hair.

What else you need to know

  • Gently removes build-up

  • Renew and smooths hair

  • Will NOT weigh hair down

  • Most products are natural/organic

  • The vinegar rinse will also help ward off any environmental issues that can affect the pH of the hair

Lash Lift 101

I’m sure a lot of you are so curious to know what a lash Lift is?  

Well, the easiest way to explain it, it’s a perm for your lashes. The formula is specially made for the eye area. There is 3 steps to this procedure lasting 6-8 weeks!  

Step 1:: Apply proper size “rods” to your lashes. Rods come in small to x large; depending on how long your lashes are is how we decide which rods will make you a diva. Apply Perm Solution and let sit for 12-15 min. Remove. 


Step 2: 

Apply  neutralizer onto lashes and let sit for another 12-15 minutes. Remove.


Step 3::  Apply customized lash color; Apply and let sit for 5 min. The color used on your lashes is meant for the eye area; it’s a vegetable dye. Remove. 

BAM:: Bye Bye Lash Curler!  


Before and after this service.  

Why try a new stylist?

Why try a new stylist?

Especially when I mean, she does it right every time?

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can actually turn out POSITIVE! Change is a good thing; with fashion trends there are also hair trends. Most stylists stay in the same motion of doing your hair every 6-8 weeks the exact same; but sometimes new ideas or a new "eye" could shock you in a GOOD way! I know when I get into a "rut", the first things I personally change are my hair and my makeup! Beautyholic can help you kill two birds with one stone. With over 11 years in the industry; staying up with current trends, cuts and colors. Open 7 day a week, to make it easier on YOUR schedule. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Thoughts

Hello Beautyholics!

So here is what I'll NEVER understand......why brides aren't investing in quality artists on the biggest day of their life; with photos that last FOREVER. I can not tell you how many brides I've heard spent up wards of $10,000 JUST on a dress, or a $20,000 venue... you get my drift. 

Hair and makeup can MAKE OR BREAK your photos and most importantly your CONFIDENCE. When we look good; we feel good. That $10k dress isn't going to make you feel your BEST! At Beautyholic Salon we provide both hair and makeup services, either at the salon or at your location, the morning of your big day!


What is Balayage?

Beautyholic Salon


The Truth about Balayage


What is Balayage?


Balayage is one of the new hottest trends right now in the beauty industry. Balayage is a free hand technique where the color is hand painted rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. This technique allows for sun-kissed (NOT SUPER LIGHT) natural hair color, and a softer re-growth line. (Because balayage is not fully saturating the hair strand going from dark to light cannot always be done in one appointment.)


How is balayage applied?


Balayage is hand painted on to the surface of the hair, softer towards the root area not saturated through the section until the ends towards the tips of the hair. This creates the soft, natural look that will have a softer re-growth line that will not be as noticeable as it grows out.


As with anything there are stages to hair color. Everyone has different underlying pigments.


Black, dark or medium brown hair has a red undertone.


Light brown, dark blonde and medium blonde hair has an orange undertone.


Light blonde to pale blonde has a yellow undertone.


When we lighten your hair, your natural undertone is going to show through the color we achieve.


Highlighting/Color has limitations. Here is what we can do for you as a stylist:


1. We can bleach or lighten your hair to the palest color we can achieve (sometimes that may not be as light as you are hoping).


2.  If the underlying pigments pulls through we can tone your hair with... green to cancel red, blue to cancel orange, and violet to cancel yellow. (Sometimes this makes the hair a bit darker if an ash tone is needed, muddy looking, or a little tinged to a red, green, or violet color. Note: toner only lasts 4-6 weeks, after that, you are back to your natural undertones... so keep coming back for your toner)


3. We can seal in your color with a treatment (this helps with fade-out, keeping your color long lasting, vibrant and shiny.)


What you can do at home to maintain your color:


1. Throw out your cheap products!! (Cheap products contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the molecules in your color. Why spend all that money, just to forfeit the desired look?!)


2. Sun naturally lightens hair. When your hair lightens, the natural undertones begin to pop out.


3. Don't do toners on yourself (drug store and beauty supply stores that YOU can buy color at, are not quality products... you will do more damage than good)


5. Buy products from your stylist (at home color treatment)... this will keep your color lasting longer and your hair looking shinier and healthier.


6. Be patient. You cannot build a house overnight! (Color takes time, or you will end up with damaged hair.)


All of these treatments, remedies, and color applications cost money and require commitment. If you have high expectations for your hair, take into account that the cost will be high as well. Your desired look, will most likely take multiple applications, be patient... and make sure you have the finances and time to achieve and keep up on your desired look.


We always offer consultations if you would like a price quote or to talk with a stylist about the process.


Be realistic.