Hair Services:

All services will begin with a personalized and detailed consultation, making sure that what we deliver in “the chair” is suitable and maintainable for your lifestyle.

Women’s Scalp Massage, Cut & Style $30

Men’s Scalp Massage, Cut & Style: $25

Children’s Shampoo, Cur & Style: $20

Blowout: $35

Blowout w/ Extensions: $45

Blowout w/ Styling: $55

Special Occasion: $75+

All Over Color:$80+

Root Touch Up: $65+

Express Root Touch Up (10min color):$65

Partial Foil: $75+

Full Foil: $100+

Color & Foil: $125+


Vivid Color: $50+

Toner: $20

Gloss: $30

Men’s Camo Color: $55

Men’s Color Camouflage: Achieve younger looking hair in only 10 minutes. This professional salon hair color offers custom gray hair color camouflage in 6 shades, ensuring subtle, low maintenance results with no visible lift.

  • 5 minutes processing time for gray blending

  • 10 minutes processing for deeper, darker results or when using darker shades

  • Soft grow-out with no visible line of regrowth

Malibu C Hair Wellness Treatment: (Choose from hard water, color prepare, malibu blondes, curl partner & scalp therapy. $20

Malibu Makeover: 2-Part Treatment: This two-step wellness treatment performed exclusively in the salon transforms tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of hair. $35

Color Correction: Consultation required before booking.

If your looking for information on Hair Extensions please visit the Hair Extensions tab in the top Navigation Bar.